How to Convert Telephone Calls into Powerful Presentations

You can multiply your ability to persuade by 400%, whether your audience is 1 or 100. Web-based presentations add a visual element to teleconferences. Instead of just talking to prospects, you can simultaneously show them and tell them. According to a Wharton Business School study, this dual mode communication makes your message up to four times more effective than using just your voice.
Present from your office:

Web-based presentations can be as effective as in-the-same-room presentations, but are free from the costs and frustrations involved in traveling.

Talk to your prospects using your current telephone or–for large groups –a rented bridge line. You and your audience view your visuals using a standard web browser and Internet connection.
You control what’s displayed on your audience’s computer screen! Your screen contains a menu listing available visuals. You control presentation content, pace, and sequence. You can spend as much or as little time as desired on each visual. You can show all of your visuals, or just those needed to respond to attendee concerns or questions.
No limits on audience size:

No audience is too large or too small for a web-based presentation! You can easily and cost-effectively show and tell 1-to-1 as you speak to individual prospects, or you can present to hundreds at a time.
No advance scheduling:

Your visuals are available 24/7. No reservations are required to present. Convert any telephone call into a presentation by inviting your caller to immediately access your online visuals while talking.
More than one set of visuals can be prepared and ready for instant use.
Preparing your visuals:

Use Microsoft PowerPoint(TM) to create your presentation. Presentations can be as simple or complex as desired.
In addition to creating visuals for your “core” presentation, consider creating “contingency” visuals available for showing as needed. This permits you to customize your presentation on the basis of questions from the audience or callers.

You can easily add and edit visuals. This permits you to customize the title or specific visuals with your client’s name or client-specific contents and prices.

After completing your presentation, upload it to the server where your visuals will be available online to you and your clients, prospects, or employees.

Only those who know the specific location of your presentation on the web will be able to access your visuals. You can communicate the URL during the phone conversation or you can send it to a group via e-mail before an event.

Unless you are also online, visitors will not be able to navigate through your presentation.

Any presentation task you would normally accomplish in-person can now be done on the phone and online:

o Demonstrations. Do a better job of describing the benefits of your product or service by showing as well as telling. Interactively walk prospects through the steps you’ll use to help them solve a pressing problem or achieve a desired goal.

o Previews. Increase attendance at teleseminars and live events by previewing the contents and benefits of attending.

o Proposals. Deliver client presentations in an interactive environment. Use your voice to build enthusiasm and address concerns or questions as they arise.

o Continuous contact. Keep in close touch with clients and prospects while helping them make informed purchase decisions and best use of their purchase.

o Training. Keep employees and your sales staff motivated and up to date on your latest products and services.

It’s all about relationships. Web-based presentations are just another way you can put today’s low-cost technology to work building and maintaining close ties with customers and prospects. At low cost, you can communicate with added impact from your office.

Popular Christmas Presents for Women

Do you know what to buy your women this Christmas? Christmas is fast approaching and like so many men, you are dreading it! The reason being is you have to buy many of presents! The hardest task is selecting a present for your woman. Women are so sensitive and demanding that you have to be aware of the importance of the present and the affects it will have on her. Don’t fear because whatever her age we have many great gift ideas guaranteed to make your woman happy!

The secret is to do your Christmas shopping before the mad rush to avoid disappointment and big queues.

Have you run out of ideas of presents to buy for your women? Do you dread that the present you buy will not make your woman happy? Don’t fear because we have some easy tips for you! We have done some research on what women want. All you need is to read and grab some ideas off our article and on are on your way to a stress free Christmas. It’s very easy because our website has many great ideas. Go search on Google for women’s fashion guide.

Your woman would love to have a great present from you to show her that you care. All you need to do is buy something special and explain to her the meaning of your present. It’s very easy. If it’s summer, you can buy your woman bathing suit. If she likes gold ware the how about diamonds, make up, jewellery, necklaces, or a special purse from Gucci? Don’t buy vouchers, because it doesn’t show your inner feelings for her.

If you are on a tight budget, go to some jewellery stores and ask the shop assistants for help. They will be more than accommodating to your needs. If they are not then go to the next store. All you need to do is tell them you need to buy a present for your beloved woman, and being a woman themselves they can certainly help you. So all you need to worry about is your budget. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, so look around and see what other women buy at Christmas for themselves.

Is your woman:

1. Is she still young and in college? Popular presents in 2010 include iPod accessories, perfume, makeup, lip sticks.

2. If she is above 30 then cardigans, hats, woman’s sexy shorts, make up, SLR cameras, diamonds, winter coats, fashion handbags.

3. Is she is a senior woman then presents such as perfume, coffee sets, holiday tickets, coffee vouchers, paperback books, hand bags.

Be sure to create or make your own Christmas card with your own 50 word paragraph to say how much you care and love her. This is the ultimate ‘cream on the cake’ idea to go with your present that will make your woman very happy.

Negotiate Succinctly to Achieve Success

Have you considered how succinctly your negotiation efforts should be, depending on the environment in which you negotiate? In a negotiation, there are many strategies that one can adopt, to achieve the outcome that’s being sought. If time is a factor, there is a low level of interest on behalf of the other negotiator, or if there is a need to deliver your proposal ‘crisply’, then you should consider how to negotiate succinctly; brevity has its place in some negotiations. (Remember, you’re always negotiating. Thus, the negotiation starts before you set down at the ‘negotiation table’.)

What are your thoughts and ‘best practices’ when attempting to be succinct in your negotiations? I’d like to hear them.

If you’d like to glean additional knowledge and discover new techniques that you use in your negotiation efforts, read the 5 quick tips below.

1. Tailor your words to match the level of understanding of the person with whom you’re negotiating. While every negotiation should be tailored to match the party with whom you’re negotiating, you should take greater efforts to do so when you’re bound by constraints.

2. Genuinely match the style and modality of the other negotiator, in order to enhance the bonding process. By doing so and being authentic, you’ll convey genuine concern for her well being in the negotiation, which should ingratiate you to her. Caution: Do not allow your actions to be perceived as weakness.

3. Be less fastidious during the negotiation by exhibiting more of a willingness to cooperate. Balance the attitude you display against the outcome you seek. Caution: You may experience negative ramifications if you display what is perceived to be a ‘too willingness to get the deal attitude’.

4. Paint pictures with your words. Not only will pictures convey larger meanings with some negotiators, they can also be a better way to express your sentiments when you’re being succinct.

5. Be more astutely aware of body language (yours and that of the other negotiator) and micro expressions (the conveyance displayed in a facial or body gesture that last for less than one second). You’ll gain very important knowledge pertaining to the perception of your actions, offers, and counteroffers. Such insight will allow you to adjust your position quicker.

There are many variables in a negotiation. If you ‘mess-up’ during the negotiation, display you sincerity by apologizing quickly. Everyone is human and we all make mistakes. Don’t allow your mistake to become the mistake that mistakenly kills the negotiation. If you apologize and have it perceived as being sincere, you’ll be forgiven and you won’t be labeled as someone out to ‘get you’… and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Tips Are…

· As you negotiate, don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability, if brevity disallows you from being succinct. When matched against a negotiator that will not disadvantage you for doing so (be cautious about doing so with a negotiator that adopts a ‘win-lose mentality), you’ll engender her willingness to help you.

· When negotiating with some negotiators, speak pictorially to be succinct and you’ll ‘connect’ with them more effectively.

· Don’t be cursed by your negotiation knowledge or lack of when it comes to being succinct in your negotiations. Sincerity should be the only precursor.