How to Get an Audience to Be Wowed With Your Presentation

When speaking in front of an audience getting them to be remember you, your message, and your presentation is critical to making sales happen at the time of your event and after you have left the venue.

Each presentation needs to WOW an audience as it will generate additional speaking events for you should you desire and sales for your product or service.

Let’s cover a few ways to make sure your next presentation is one that the audience is talking about long after you have left the building.

· When you have passion for the subject you are speaking on your audience will feel the passion and excitement. Regardless of your product, service, or topic enthusiasm of it will spread through your audience and have them talking about your topic.

· Use the name of audience members when addressing their questions. Many speakers lecture audiences and while this works audiences remember these as “lectures” and don’t come away with a WOW feeling. Ask audience members their name before you answer their question and repeat their name back to them. This will directly involve them in your topic.

· Don’t stay fixated to a podium. Being behind a podium or table can separate you from your audience and won’t have them directly involved in your talk. Feel free to move about the stage or even move through the audience to connect with them.

Audiences want to be wowed by presentations. They are looking for how they can be get the most out of each presentation that they attend. The above methods can be easily added to any presentation. These skills will put you on the way to wowing your audiences and have them talking about it for days, weeks, and even months to come.

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